I’ve been in a knitting funk. Cast on this hat today because I love working with fingering weight wool. That should break the barrier!

I’ve had this yarn for a long time but didn’t know what to do with it. So far, this hat was a good choice. The colors are a little less vivid in person. I’m a lousy photographer.

* Went down a size on the needles: US3
* Reduced the number of stitches to 128
* Did not knit a swatch

You know what they say: it’s a hat. It will fit someone!

I worked on this mohair scarf this weekend. I hope it will be pretty and useful when blocked; worth the effort.  It’s not fun, so I made some dishcloths - which really are a lot of fun and great knitting for marathon Netflix.

Completed a pretty lace scarf but never blocked it.

Started some socks, but stalled. Something I’m not happy about with those - I think it because my lace pattern is unbalanced.

Then, I cast on with mohair. Ripped the first shawl then began a stole. The pattern is better than the first but I just don’t like working with that yarn.

Co-knitting a cotton blanket with Therin. 1/3 done?

Feels like a knitting funk. Last night, I tried to break it with quick, easy knitting. I love making the Darrell Waltrip washcloth. It’s particularly pretty in the yellow variegated yarn.


The movers are downstairs with @confu2 so I’m hanging out with the kids working on my #hueshiftafghan again! #rainbow #yarn #knit #knitting #knitpicks #garterstitch #blanket #ravelry

therin - one stripe rows are nice


The movers are downstairs with @confu2 so I’m hanging out with the kids working on my #hueshiftafghan again! #rainbow #yarn #knit #knitting #knitpicks #garterstitch #blanket #ravelry

therin - one stripe rows are nice

At the end of May I decided a little weight loss was absolutely necessary. So…I started  dieting, working out, and posting to Weight Loss Buddy pretty faithfully.

I’m still knitting almost every day but my tumblr posts have suffered. Sorry guys.

I’m working on some lace socks I designed myself. They have ups & downs: the pattern is fine but the yarn not such a good match for the pattern. Nevertheless, hope to finish them and know I will love them regardless.

Therin & I are working on a joint project. It’s a blanket made from very shockingly bright cotton. I think we both love it. We’re making mitered squares. Here’s my progress:

I have made all the pink & yellow squares. Therin is working on blue and white. In time, we will have some striped squares, too.

The finished squares are stored in a clay chicken cooker. Weird? perhaps. Marc though it was a good idea and I think it makes a pretty cool photo.

p.s. I have lost 23 lbs since May 28th. Not bad, eh?

I bought these beautiful Interweave books recently. If I never make anything from them, they will remain great inspiration and good bedtime reading. Such gorgeous books.

I’ve been knitting a little less and working out a little (lot) more lately. Really have to shed the pounds I put on in the past couple of years. Having some fun with Jane Fonda “Firm & Burn.

I finished my blue diamond shawl recently. Needs to be blocked but I love it. First project in lace weight - it’s Cascade alpaca. Lovely to work with.

Now - Therin would like a cotton blanket make of mitered squares. It will be a joint project. Here’s a photo of the first batch. This stuff is addictive.