Do I need an excuse to cast on a new project?

Well, I have a niece who is getting married in May. Perhaps a little gift?

Lace pattern shawlette.

This is made with one skein of Queensland Haze - cotton/corn blend. Marc likes the color and thinks the shawl looks like Taurus.

Ran a little short of yarn. The border should have been four arrows, not three; and there should have been lots more to the hem. Still - fun to knit. Sometime, I’ll make another, larger version.

Lace socks

Cast on socks this weekend. The yarn doesn’t look like this to me, but I think it’s exactly what Therin sees. Poor, tired old eyes.

This isn’t the best yarn to work with but it’s makes good socks.

The Bird


@ Therin: The Bird!

I like all the versions; thought variegated/solid version was interesting because we talked about that, too! So is this an afterthought heel or just short row heel knitted with solid yarn?

Not crazy about this “shawl”. Maybe I needed to use larger needles, maybe it’s the yarn? Regardless, too wide for a scarf, too narrow for a shawl, too heavy to please me. Pretty design, though. 


Hankering for lace socks. I want them to be toe up, with a simple lace on the top of the foot and completely around the leg. I’m basing the pattern on Wendy’s Toe Up Socks and using Barbara G. Walker’s “Arches & Columns” lace.

Having made about 1/2 dozen pair of socks, I find I like to knit most of the patterns but I like to wear short row toe/short row heel best of all. I also keep Principles of Knitting open to help with nice short row wraps. Grafting the toe is okay, too, but I’m not very good at knitting heel flaps. They look great but I don’t like the fit so well.

Oh. And this time, the socks will f.i.t.


Look what I found on Novita’s website!

Suddenly there’s a bunch of patterns for hoohded scarfs - I want to make one!!!!!! *screams*

this is why I think I need a hooded scarf


Baby sandals! #crochet #crocheted #baby #sandals #cotton #yarn #bow #handmade #menwhoknit

cutest crochet item. ever.


Baby sandals! #crochet #crocheted #baby #sandals #cotton #yarn #bow #handmade #menwhoknit

cutest crochet item. ever.

Really busy week. What I should have done was finish the blue sweater and the grey top: both are almost done. This always happens - I get to 95% then cast on something else. I think I have a feeling the project will be great while in progress but disappointing when complete.

The “something else” I cast on this week was a hat to demo a simple lace stitch and an easy shawl for late night TV knitting. Watched a bunch old movies ‘til I ran across Bleak House. Dickens is good knitting/viewing.